Book Update: Pushing Hard

You might have noticed that I’ve gone a bit underground. I haven’t posted to the blog in over three weeks. One reason is that I’ve simply had less available time. Lately there has been an extraordinary amount of things to take care of in my personal and work life. Some of those things were expected and good: they included helping our son start his first year of college and helping our church prepare to kickoff its fall ministry schedule.

However, a lot of other things arose that were unexpected, and as they stacked up, I found I had a lot less margin to work with. I was reminded that in the end, I don’t really have control over those things, and sometimes I just have to trust God and change my plans and expectations to fit the reality of what he’s put into my life.

Another reason I’ve gone underground is that I’ve had to devote most of my available time to book production. This has included reviewing my designer’s cover and interior layouts, deciding on printing and distribution, completing a large chart in the back of the book, and looping in a professional proofreader for the final check. There’s suddenly a lot of moving pieces to manage as we move towards the book becoming a reality.

I believe we’re still on schedule for an early October launch, but I’ll give another update on that soon. I’m thankful for your prayers and support. I’ll also try to resume posts on The Truly Good Book series as soon as I can! If you’re not already subscribed to the blog, you can subscribe via email below, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WordPress.

Featured image by Nathan Riley on Unsplash

1 thought on “Book Update: Pushing Hard

  1. Yay! I can’t wait to read it.

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