About the Book

IF YOU RECEIVED a message from God today saying he was on your side, would you believe it? Or would you only wish you could believe it? Perhaps you wonder sometimes if God really wants the best for you. Maybe God seems distant and at odds with real life and happiness.

If you sometimes feel that way about God, you’re not alone. As humans, we unfortunately tend to be in the dark about God’s goodness toward us. Yet God doesn’t want us to keep wondering how he feels about us. Through the good news of Jesus Christ, God shows that he wants to be with us and that he desires our ultimate happiness, whether we realize it or not.

In my book entitled On Your Side Today, I ask you to look closer at Jesus and be convinced that God is truly on your side. I share why I still believe in a good God, even after losing my father to suicide, losing my first wife to cancer, and personally suffering mental and emotional burnout. I invite you to cast doubt aside, embrace Jesus forever, and enjoy living in the moment with God.

Jesus has gone to great lengths to bridge the gap between you and God. Come find joy with him in whatever you face today—and whatever lies ahead on your road tomorrow.

Book Preview

Available in paperback from Amazon and other booksellers. Also available on Amazon Kindle.
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