I’m currently in the process of relaunching this blog after a long hiatus. Feel free to check out the modified pages in the menu. There’s also a new page called About the Book, with a pre-published version of the book’s introduction. Look for a new series of posts to begin soon. The first of those […]

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Level Your Paths

I enjoy running for exercise, and to keep me motivated to run, I sign up for short running events around where I live. Louisville has a robust running community and a lot of events to choose from. But as much as I enjoy running these days, I don’t think I would enjoy it nearly as […]

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Blog Post Derby

This Saturday marks the 143rd Kentucky Derby, held here in Louisville at the famous Churchill Downs, where each year, about twenty horses and their riders get a chance at making history. And as it happens, besides my most recent post (The Tone of God’s Voice), I’ve written twenty posts since I started this blog. And […]

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Getting His Things Done

It was the summer of 2009. The year was barely half over and I felt I had already given a year’s worth of effort. My work was slowly burying me alive, and if I didn’t find a way out, I wasn’t sure how much longer I would last. Our denomination’s annual meeting was being hosted […]

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