The Stranger, the Bridge, and the Everyday Man

[The following is a work of fiction. The everyday man's resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is merely coincidental. The stranger's resemblance is another matter. -JMS] There once lived an everyday man in the everyday land that everyone else lived in. It was the only land he or anyone else had ever known. Inside... Continue Reading →

Level Your Paths

I enjoy running for exercise, and to keep me motivated to run, I sign up for short running events around where I live. Louisville has a robust running community and a lot of events to choose from. But as much as I enjoy running these days, I don't think I would enjoy it nearly as... Continue Reading →

Blog Post Derby

This Saturday marks the 143rd Kentucky Derby, held here in Louisville at the famous Churchill Downs, where each year, about twenty horses and their riders get a chance at making history. And as it happens, besides my most recent post (The Tone of God's Voice), I've written twenty posts since I started this blog. And... Continue Reading →

God, Fun, and Happiness, part 2

In my previous post, I pushed the idea that God is fun. In fact, God's the creator of fun; we were made to enjoy life with God and each other in the world that God created. And even though we've twisted up that world with all kinds of sin, we still experience moments of pure,... Continue Reading →

Getting His Things Done

It was the summer of 2009. The year was barely half over and I felt I had already given a year's worth of effort. My work was slowly burying me alive, and if I didn't find a way out, I wasn't sure how much longer I would last. Our denomination's annual meeting was being hosted... Continue Reading →

The Avenger

The week of Valentine's Day, I wrote a post saying that God's a romantic who passionately pursues those he loves. I believe the story of the Bible affirms this. If we read the Bible through, we'll find countless examples of how God demonstrates love for people. He cares for them, rescues them, defends them, and fights... Continue Reading →

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