About the Blog

If you received a message from God today saying that he was on your side, would you believe it? Or would you want to believe it?

Perhaps you wonder sometimes if God really wants the best for you. Maybe God seems distant and at odds with real life and happiness. If so, you’re not alone. As humans, we unfortunately tend to be in the dark about God’s goodwill towards us. But I don’t believe God wants us to keep wondering about how he feels. That’s why, about ten years ago, I started jotting down ideas for a little book that I initially titled God Is On Your Side.

When I had the opportunity to explain the purpose of the book, I found that the word goodwill kept coming out of my mouth. The word summed up what I was trying to say about God’s feelings towards us.

good·will (noun):
a kind, helpful, or friendly feeling or attitude.

from the simple definition by Merriam-Webster

I believe that God is a benevolent God, full of kindness and mercy. According to the Bible, God has done extraordinary things to cross the separation that we have put between ourselves and God. He desires reconciliation with us and wants the best for us. God is not against us; he is for us. God does not want to be our enemy; he wants to be our friend.

Through this blog (and that future book), I want to highlight the goodwill of God towards us, especially demonstrated in the good news of Jesus Christ. I hope that something I write provokes your thinking about God’s goodwill towards you, and perhaps even encourages you to take a closer look at Jesus.