About the Blog

The Bible is admittedly a large and complicated book. And when we open up the Bible, we tend to bring along our own agendas. We look for answers to our own questions, instead of simply letting God speak to us. But there’s one big question that is very important both to God and to us: Is God good? And when we ask this question, it’s almost always meant to be personal: Does God want to be good to me?

God answers that question in the Bible, but with more than a simple Yes. That simple answer wouldn’t give us enough to believe in God’s goodwill in our messy, confusing, and often hurtful world. So the Bible explains repeatedly—in many different ways—how he is good and he wants to be good to us, even though it may sometimes seem otherwise. He desires reconciliation with us and wants the best for us. God is not against us; he is for us. God does not want to be our enemy; he wants to be our friend.

You might notice all the featured images on this blog contain bridges. A bridge is a visible, physical expression of the desire to connect two separated parts. We don’t build bridges for no reason. Building a bridge is time consuming and expensive, and the greater the distance, the greater the cost. So before a bridge ever gets constructed, someone has to want to be able to travel from over here to over there.

A bridge is an effective illustration of the good news of Jesus Christ. By dying for our sins on the cross, Jesus bridged the gap between us and God, allowing a holy God to draw close to us and offer us forgiveness and eternal life. God wouldn’t have bothered to build that bridge if he hadn’t wanted to be close to us. And the great cost of that bridge (the suffering and death of his own Son) reveals the depth of God’s love towards us.

That’s what this blog is all about. I want to highlight how God is on your side today, especially demonstrated in the good news of Jesus Christ. So when you see photos of bridges on this site, I hope you think of Jesus, and I hope that something I write encourages you to trust him, or reminds you to trust him more.