About Me


My name is Jeffrey Michael Smith, although most people who know me simply call me Jeff. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, along with my wife Emily and our two kids. (When I’m not working, teaching, or writing, then chances are I’m in the vicinity of at least one of those three.)

I grew up in Georgia and spent about thirty years of my life there. I’ve also lived in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky. I’ve lived in houses, apartments, dorm rooms, and one small double-wide trailer (after being displaced by a hurricane named Katrina). I’ve been married, widowed, married again, and become a father. Along the way, I’ve worked in warehouses, offices, churches, and various other settings both secular and religious.

I currently work for Hurstbourne Baptist Church in Louisville as their Administration & Discipleship Pastor. My work there basically involves (1) helping our people understand, follow, and teach the Bible; and (2) overseeing our church’s operations, which is a less glamorous yet very necessary part of church ministry.

I’m also an adjunct professor for Campbellsville University, teaching courses on Christian education ministry at the Campbellsville University extension center in Louisville.

There’s a lot more to my story, but the most important part is that one day God enabled me to hear and understand the good news of Jesus Christ. That day, I realized that Jesus came to make things right between us and God, and I realized that God’s really been on my side all along. Whatever may come, I know God has been faithful to me, and God will be with me to the end…and beyond.

Thanks for reading.

Jeffrey Michael Smith