Fake Good News, part 1

Even if you've read just a bit of this blog, you've probably figured out a few key things about what I believe about God. For example, I believe God exists and that this God is accurately described in the Bible. I believe that Jesus is God and that the good news of Jesus Christ is... Continue Reading →

Closing the Distance

I lived in New Orleans for almost three years. I initially moved there to finish a master's degree I had started on years earlier. While there, I completed my degree, met and married my wife Emily, and also learned to enjoy Cajun food, the Mardi Gras season, and the melting pot of cultures that mix... Continue Reading →

Reverse Thinking

One day, several years ago, I sat down at my computer to do some work, and I suddenly found that I had trouble reading the screen. The words looked blurry, especially the smaller ones. I kept blinking and rubbing my eyes, trying to clear my vision, but the blurriness persisted. No matter how hard I... Continue Reading →

One with the One and Only

On the day that it was released, I took my son and his friend to a see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I was as excited as they were. I've been a Star Wars fan ever since the first movie, and so I thoroughly enjoyed all the connections that Rogue One had with the original story.... Continue Reading →

39 Years Ago

It was a Sunday afternoon after Christmas 1977. Our family was riding home from church, and I and my younger brother Warren were in the back seat. He had just turned four years old, and I was almost eight, but he was determined to keep up with me. Even though it was impossible for him... Continue Reading →

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