Book Update: Design Phase

In previous updates, I shared how my manuscript for On Your Side Today has gone through a professional editing process. There’s a chart in the back that I’m still working on, but other than that, the text is basically finished. I also shared about a business name that I registered to use as my publishing imprint: Longspan Books. This imprint should eventually appear on the book spine, title page, and copyright page, and be associated with the ISBNs for the print and electronic formats.

I also mentioned in a previous update that I’d created an advanced reader copy. An advanced reader copy is formatted like a book and is produced prior to a book’s official publication in order to give select people a chance to evaluate the book’s content. I used Reedsy’s free book editor tool to create my advanced reader copy. I gave copies of it to a chosen few, and I was pleased with their feedback. Now it’s time for my manuscript to be professionally designed into a book.

When a reader picks up a professionally published book–whether a physical or electronic version–they usually aren’t aware of the intentional decisions that have gone into the design of the cover and interior. They simply look, flip, scan, read, and evaluate. However, most of what the reader sees is based on established patterns of book design. A designer has to make the decisions of which patterns to follow, inserting originality where appropriate, and sticking to convention elsewhere.

Some time ago, I received a recommendation for a particular designer that had experience in designing covers and interiors for non-fiction titles in Christian publishing. I reached out to her and we began a dialogue. Fortunately she was available this summer to work on my book project, and so she laid out a process to design the cover first, then the interior, and have the book print-ready at the beginning of September. We began work on that process just a few days ago.

So now I’m working with a book designer. In my mind the book just became a lot more real. I’m very thankful that God has brought the project this far, and I’m thankful for your prayers and support as I plan to launch the book, Lord willing, by October 1.

I’ll have more updates on the book later in the summer. In the meantime, I’ll refocus on The Truly Good Book series here on the blog! I should have a new post next weekend. If you’re not already subscribed to the blog, you can subscribe via email below, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WordPress.

Featured image by Nathan Riley on Unsplash

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