55+ Devotions on the Truly Good Book

I’m currently writing a 100-post devotional series called The Truly Good Book. Each devotion focuses on the main story of the Bible and shows how all of Scripture points to the good news of Jesus Christ.

If you want to learn more about how the Bible’s story fits together (and grow closer to God in the process), then I encourage you to dive in! Here are the posts in the series so far. I usually post a new devotion each weekend. Subscribe at the bottom to be notified of future posts.

Part One: The Old Testament

Day 1
A Perfect Beginning
Genesis 1-2
Day 2
The Common Doubt
Genesis 3
Day 3
Crouching at Our Door
Genesis 4
Day 4
Wrath, Faith, and Rescue
Genesis 6-9
Day 5
Hurt by God
Day 6
Father of the Called
Genesis 12-23
Day 7
Like Father, Like Son
Genesis 24-26
Day 8
Pursued Like His Fathers
Genesis 25-35
Day 9
Lord of Our Dreams
Genesis 37, 39-41
Day 10
Trust, Trials, and Time
Genesis 42-50
Day 11
The Bush and the Bible
Exodus 1-4
Day 12
The Safe Place
Exodus 5-15
Day 13
Settling Our Accounts
Exodus 19-20, 32-33
Day 14
The Defining Moment
Numbers 13-14
Day 15
We've All Been Bitten
Numbers 21:4-9
Day 16
Rules Meant to Bless
Deuteronomy 4-11
Day 17
Our Days are Numbered
Psalm 90
Day 18
Crossing the Jordan
Joshua 1-6
Day 19
Repent While You Still Can
Joshua 7
Day 20
An Oddly Familiar Pattern
Judges 1-2
Day 21
Stumbling After Victory
Judges 6-8
Day 22
Victory After Stumbling
Judges 13-16
Day 23
A Glimpse of Faithful Love
Day 24
The Way to Listen
1 Samuel 1-7
Day 25
A King Who Follows His Own Heart
1 Samuel 8-15
Day 26
A King After God's Own Heart
1 Samuel 16-31
Day 27
The King Who Wants to Give
2 Samuel 1-12
Day 28
Suffering and the Shepherd
Psalm 22-23
Day 29
In the Long Run
Psalm 37
Day 30
A King Whose Heart Turned
1 Kings 1-11
Day 31
Where Wisdom Begins
Proverbs 1-9
Day 32
The Meaning Of It All
Day 33
Choice, Consequence, and Control
1 Kings 11-16
Day 34
The One Who Answers
1 Kings 17-22
Day 35
The One Who Cares
2 Kings 2-13
Day 36
Sneaky Good News
Isaiah 1-12
Day 37
Loving the Unfaithful
Day 38
Mighty God, Tender Heart
Day 39
This is Not the End
Day 40
2 Kings 14-17
Day 41
The Servant-King
Isaiah 40-61
Day 42
Useless Religion
Jeremiah 1-7
Day 43
New Hearts
Jeremiah 29-33
Day 44
Over the Edge
Jeremiah 27, 39-44, 52
Day 45
Longing for Home
Day 46
Faithful in a Strange Land
Daniel 1-6
Day 47
More Than Fair
Ezekiel 33-37
Day 48
Fate, Faith, and Victory
Day 49
The True Ruler
Ezra 1-6
Day 50
The Great Protector
Nehemiah 1-6
Day 51
The One Who Saves
Day 52
He Is Coming
Part Two: The New Testament

Day 53
The Promised One Comes
Matthew 1-2
Day 54
The Announcer
Matthew 3
Day 55
Listen and Hear
John 3:1-21
Day 56
(coming soon)
John 4:1-42

Featured image from Chris Leipelt on Unsplash.

This post is a summary of The Truly Good Book series. Subscribe to future posts below.

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