21 Posts About the Truly Good Book

Bible Focus: Genesis to Gideon

At the beginning of 2022, I started a blog series called The Truly Good Book. In the series, I’m working through about 100 Bible passages in a roughly chronological pattern, starting in Genesis and ending with Revelation. Along the way, I’m pointing out the pattern of the good news that shows up repeatedly in Scripture and which applies to every aspect of our life.

I’m 21 posts into this journey, enough for a three-week daily devotional. If you’ve missed any, or you’re new to the blog and want to catch up, here’s a convenient spot to find them all:

Next week I hope to have an update on my book, and then after that I’ll continue with The Truly Good Book series. Thanks for reading! Subscribe via email below, or follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or WordPress.

If one or more of these posts has been meaningful to you, I’d enjoy hearing about it in the comments or in a direct message. I also encourage you to share meaningful posts with friends online or in-person. It would help spread the word about this blog and my book, and most importantly, it might reach someone who really needs to hear the good news of Jesus today.

Featured image from Sasha Matic on Unsplash.

This post is a summary of The Truly Good Book series. Subscribe to more posts below.

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