Found in Translation

On March 1, Holman Bible Publishers will officially release a new Bible translation called the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). The CSB is a significant update of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), which first appeared in 1999. And if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve probably already figured out that I like the CSB. Holman made […]

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The Romantic

I’ve had the privilege of being married to two very wonderful women. I suppose it’s unusual these days to experience two great marriages, and not long ago I was reminded how precious such marriages are. I was having a conversation with a man who had experienced a painful divorce, and he shared with me how […]

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Understanding the Odd Christian

I’m an odd Christian. But then again, I believe that every true Christian is odd. Christians are definitely in the minority in the world, as well as in the U.S., and these days there is much less social pressure to act like a Christian if one’s heart isn’t really dedicated to Christ. Maybe you’re one […]

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Fake Good News, part 2

In the year 2016, fake news hit the real news in a big way. Fueled by a long and controversial U.S. presidential election cycle, fake news took on a life of its own in social media, sometimes generating more buzz than the real thing, according to CNBC’s report on the biggest fake news stories of […]

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