Fake Good News, part 1

Even if you’ve read just a bit of this blog, you’ve probably figured out a few key things about what I believe about God. For example, I believe God exists and that this God is accurately described in the Bible. I believe that Jesus is God and that the good news of Jesus Christ is […]

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God ♥ ≠ Church

Have you ever met the spouse of a friend and quickly discovered their spouse was not nearly as delightful as your friend? As you navigated that awkwardness, maybe you wondered how two very different people could have come together. Maybe you wondered if your friend was blind to some of their spouse’s personality traits–the same […]

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Delaying Inauguration

Today is Inauguration Day for the President of the United States. Inauguration may be an odd-sounding word, but it has a definition that perfectly matches today’s occasion in Washington DC. To inaugurate means to officially start something that’s been anticipated for a while. Most of the time, the ball has already started rolling by the time […]

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Closing the Distance

I lived in New Orleans for almost three years. I initially moved there to finish a master’s degree I had started on years earlier. While there, I completed my degree, met and married my wife Emily, and also learned to enjoy Cajun food, the Mardi Gras season, and the melting pot of cultures that mix […]

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Learning to Listen to God

We all know what it’s like to experience a one-sided conversation, when one person is doing most of the talking and the other is doing most of the listening. If the other person is talking and barely listens to us, then we’ll wonder if they are really interested in what we have to say. On […]

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Reverse Thinking

One day, several years ago, I sat down at my computer to do some work, and I suddenly found that I had trouble reading the screen. The words looked blurry, especially the smaller ones. I kept blinking and rubbing my eyes, trying to clear my vision, but the blurriness persisted. No matter how hard I […]

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